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We have divided our school tour & open house calendar into 5 convenient categories-
Preschool, Public elementary
, Public high school, Private elementary & Private high school.
Please click the arrow to the right of the "Agenda" tab to browse one, two, three or all five together, depending on your needs.

CPS Selective Enrollment Elementary School tours are typically only one or two per school per year.  CPS Academic Center & International Gifted (middle school) program tours are listed under the "Public Elementary" tab and are typically one per year.  All SEES Elementary tours have a firm start time, so don't be late!

CPS Selective Enrollment High School tours are typically only one per school per year, so pace yourself and visit over two or more years.  Some have set presentation times and others are rolling presentations.  Contact each school to verify.  

Note:  Some private elementary schools with entry points before Kindergarten have their Open House dates listed under our "PreSchools" tab.   Conversely, some private preschools with elementary programs may be listed under the "Private Elementary" tab. Please check both tabs.
Click on "more details>>" below a calendar entry to get a dynamic website link for more info. Some schools offer multiple tours per month but may only be listed here once per month, so check school websites for additional tour dates. 

Please email us at with any school dates you would like to see posted on our calendar.  This calendar is by no means a comprehensive list of School Tour or Open House events.   Dates can change for various reasons and while we try our best to keep our information current, we strongly recommend that parents contact each school to confirm dates & registration details.

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