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CSG ES What's Next?

 "What's Next?
Decisions After Notifications"

Chicago's Public & Private Elementary School Edition 

Contact Us for more information regarding "Next Steps" in your elementary school journey.

Elementary notifications typically come out in early March-April.
Private independent and parochial schools notify in early March.  

CPS first round notification letters will be released on 4/3/17.
Waitlists move throughout spring and summer.

We can help PreK and Early Elementary Parents (and anyone interested) who want to learn:
  • How to choose the best fit if we received multiple school offers
  • What do we do now if we received no offers
  • Should I continue to apply?
  • How do I prepare for success in elementary school?
  • What are my public & private school options if I missed the deadlines?
  • How to determine when to switch schools
  • Q&A session

Let Chicago School GPS help you figure out "What's Next?" upon hearing notifications from the Chicago elementary schools.  Whether you have a range of options or none yet, we can help you make sense of next steps to maximize success in your elementary school journey.  

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